Interior Lighting (

Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting with distinction, ceiling lights from O’Briens Lighting
Our selection of interior lights will give your home that extra dash of character you’ve longed for. From the classic to the contemporary, our range is truly awe inspiring.
From ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps, this remarkable selection will breathe new life into any room they grace. Enjoy our collection of gorgeous pieces that have been designed to enhance the look of any property, from a rustic, country cottage to a modern town house. Whether you’re looking for a complete refurbishment, or just a few touches to spruce up your home, O’Briens Lighting has the solution.

Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting- (


Our Interior Lighting for the ceiling come in a varied choice of styles for every d?cor. Stunning modern ceiling lights have an artistic flair, whereas our traditional ceiling lights are reminiscent of classical elegance. Or you can make a real statement with the opulent crystal chandeliers, which scatter twinkling lights around the room.
Offering an up to the minute style, we have a selection of recessed and surfaced spotlights to give your kitchen, dining room, lounge or bedroom a modern touch. Adjustable spotlights offer a wonderful versatility, letting you angle to each corner of a room, or to a particular feature. These attractive interior lights have a beautifully understated quality.
At O’Briens Lighting there’s a plethora of outstanding interior lights for all tastes and rooms. From the timeless appeal of the Tiffany lamp to the contemporary artistry of our range of modern ceiling and wall lights, we know you’ll find the perfect pieces. Shop with us for these, and many more surprising interior lighting solutions from our online store.

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oBrien’s Lighting for all your lighting needs



Lighting for a house isn’t merely functional; it can as well play a key role in house decoration scheme. It is therefore very important that you select the correct style for the interior of your home. Size of the room is also very important since wall lights, ceiling lights as well as floor lights tend to look out of place and might disappear in the background in case they’re too small. Floor lights are also very useful features to be included in any room since it can help home owners gain additional light as well as interesting decorative elements and not occupying too much space.


At, they aspire to be the leader in up-to-date lighting store for homeowners and also design professionals. Obrien’s offer more than 30,000 modern interior lighting products such as light bulbs, lighting accessories, power supplies, dimmers among others. The O’Brien is among the independent lighting retail stores. In our showroom, expect to see some of the finest lights available in the market.


EGLO 31491We have a dedicated team of staff and also customer care that ensures we stay ahead of the pack. We source the most beautiful as well as exciting lights from around the globe just for our clients. At O’Brien, we have everything ranging from the finest table lumps to crystal chandeliers to the most modern on-trend lights. lights are your leading one stop shop for all your home indoor lighting system. We’ve got our customers covered with a wide selection of lighting products from the leading brands for amazingly low prices. Pick any room and we’ve got what suits you best. Weather it is upgrading your dining room light to give it more warmth and also a friendly atmosphere to your family’s meal or adding up-to-date lighting system to your sitting room to give the ones you love and guests an instant contemporary feel, you are guaranteed the best options to select from in our stores. Make your beautiful dining room shine with our contemporary interior lighting products.


What type of update has the instant as well as long lasting visual impact in your house? To some people, its furniture or paint. However all these are significantly influenced by one thing that is omnipresent in all rooms in all homes: interior lighting. Your interior lighting will greatly determine the mood type of your home and also the appearance of the objects in the room. Need where to begin from? Do not hesitate to visit for all your interior lighting needs.

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